Monday, January 16, 2006


I've decided I don't really like having visitors. At least not several at once. We just had Rachel's family over on Saturday for her bro's birthday and it wore me out.

First off I feel like I need to make my home presentable, which is difficult when you have a newborn. Then once everyone's here I feel like I have to entertain them. Then of course everyone wants to hold the baby, and expects him to be awake and happy. When he starts to fuss, even a little, they try differnt ways to calm him which just pisses him off more and then they let him scream as he gets hot, sweaty, and beet red saying "he just needs to exercise his lungs." Funny, I didn't know lungs needed exercise!!! Or they comment "I think he has colic". I REALLY hate this one. Come on now, have you ever even seen a baby with colic because this isn't it. We try to tell them the secrets of how to calm him but they don't listen. When he's upset from being overstimulated or tired he likes to be against your chest and patted, strongly, on his lower back. They try but they basically tap his back and Rach tells them to go ahead and swat it but they look at her like she's crazy. Then, not to offend anyone, I spend part of the day in the bedroom feeding. At the end of the day our house is a mess again. *sigh*


Casey said...

And it never gets any better, either! I'm still telling people "She's going to cry - she doesn't like that." and they continue anyway and then the tears start. "I told you she would cry." I'll say, as I reach for her.

It drives me NUTTY!!!! I just want to snatch my baby away. :)

I also dispise when someone says "Oh she/he will be like such and such in a few months or years. " all the while I'm thinking "I don't think so!" and yep - it never happens but never fear, there will be another comment like that waiting at every turn. I just love how everyone else thinks they know your child better than you do. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hot button for me - can you tell? :)

seasonalkat said...

I have found that people look at you like you're a nut if you reach for YOUR baby when he/she is upset. "Oh look at the little worried mama. I'm not going to HURT your baby!". Well no, you're not, but (a) it physically PAINS me to hear my child crying when *I* can fix it and (b) *I* know how to soothe my baby while you are doing nothing but exacerbating the crying.