Sunday, January 22, 2006

Top Ten (month 2)

Top Ten Things I've learned in my Second month as a new Mom

1. Everytime the baby cries it does not mean he's hungry, but when he wants to eat, he wants to eat NOW! I'm still learning his cues.

2. It okay to leave the baby alone, as long as he's safe of course. Not home alone, just in a swing, a bouncy, on the floor, etc. He's not going to have a fit and it will teach him to play alone and sooth himself, and even fall asleep if he's tired.

3. It's okay to leave the baby with your spouse. The baby will still be in one piece when you return and it gives you a much needed break or the chance to run an errand.

4. Everytime I think it's getting easier, it gets harder again. Why? Because he's always changing. Something he liked at a week old he no longer goes for. So I have to be ever changing as well.

5. Just becasue they sleep 5-6 hrs two nights in a row, don't assume it's a pattern. But be grateful for the extra sleep. Don't fret if you wake up wondering "is he okay"?

6. Swaddling is heaven! No wonder why they do it from day one. They really should tell you in the hospital to never stop. Our little man will be swaddled till Kindergarden if that's what it takes.

7. Babies love to suck. The Binky isn't menat to shut him up, it's meant to save your poor nipples. If they like them, make sure you always know where one is.

8. Even at this young routines are good. They know what to expect and you can bend to what they want you to expect.

9. If your breast feeding always wear pads to bed. Even if you never leak during the day, that one time he decideds to sleep through the night you might just regret it if you don't.

10. It's still the hardest thing I've ever done, but still worth it. Especially now when I get that heart melting "good-morning" smile.