Thursday, January 19, 2006

Making Me

I think my son has made me soft, or at least the hormones from the pregnancy have. I never really liked scary movies but now I would never want to watch them. I used to be able to to handle war type movies, but now I hate to see the blood. Anything mildly gory I have to turn away except for things on Discovery Health. I still love that channel, but not the birth stories so much anymore. I think this might have to do with the fact that my birth story didn't turn out the way I had hoped. And don't even get me started on shows that talk about child abduction. Oh boy!

Anyhow I'm just rambeling today, but I keep thinking that he's turned me into a softie so I had to note it down.


Casey said...

Having a baby changes everything. It's oh so true!

Jennifer said...

It has definitely changed me too.